Competing with Roger Federer, Nadal would be like a win - Murray's coach

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Competing with Roger Federer, Nadal would be like a win - Murray's coach

Being at the same level or closer to the greatest tennis players - Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal - will already be a win for the three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray who is set to compete in his first Grand Slam at the US Open since 2017 Wimbledon.

In an interview to The Telegraph, Murray's coach Jamie Delgado commented on the difficult times that the 31-year-old went through during his long journey. 'It’s been tough for him, primarily,' Delgado explained.

'But it’s been tough for everyone. You think back to January in Australia and there was a sense of excitement: fresh year, a fresh start, new goals. And then he couldn’t play, and you never know how an operation will go.

There are so many different hats you have to wear. It’s not just forehands and backhands. When to push someone or just let them be, whether they’re having a good time or a bad time. You’re with these people a lot, you’re eating meals with them.

And sometimes you’re just a friend.' Expectations are low at the moment, but Delgado is confident Andy can be back at his best level. 'Is he going to be playing 50 tournaments a year, winning every one? Probably not.

But he can still peak for certain events, why not? And have some great moments. If Andy can really get back up there and compete with the best, in my opinion, it would be the biggest achievement of his career. Obviously, he has achieved so much already but this would be absolutely amazing.

I’ve only been around him professionally for a few years, and he has won Wimbledon and the Olympics and been no. 1 in the world. But if he was to win something big now, the feeling of emotion would be way, way more.' ALSO READ: David Ferrer: 'It will be my last US Open. Facing Rafael Nadal is a gift'