Marcos Baghdatis reflects on Andy Murray - Fernando Verdasco controversy

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Marcos Baghdatis reflects on Andy Murray - Fernando Verdasco controversy

Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis insisted that the officials weren't properly doing their job during the Andy Murray versus Fernando Verdasco US Open second-round match. Former world No. 7 Verdasco beat three-time Grand Slam champion Murray in four sets to reach the US Open third round.

Murray returned angry from the 10-minute heat-break after the third set as he went to the umpire complaining that Verdasco was speaking to his coaching staff during the break. The Scot also complained that "nobody knows the rules." During the heat-break, players are not allowed to speak to any members of their team.

The Spaniard insisted he did nothing wrong as he claimed he was speaking to Baghdatis and the Cypriot's coach during the break. The 34-year-old explained that the conversation happened because Baghdatis and his coach were sitting in adjacent ice-baths.

But, it didn't end there, as former world No. 1 Murray didn't buy the Verdasco defense. "I was in the ice bath. I think both of them are right in a way. Verdasco was not controlled by anybody so his coach came. They didn't talk about the match, I didn't hear that, just gave him some shoes and helped him change," Baghdatis said.

“But Andy is right. The officials were not doing their jobs. If you put a rule you have to follow it. Today we heard that within this ten minutes you are allowed to strap, restrap your ankles and stuff, so it's all over the place and I think it’s either dangerous to play or it's not." Baghdatis also underlined that the chaperone, who was supposed to follow Murray and Verdasco and supervise them during the break, wasn't even there.

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