Playing 2019 Davis Cup or not: Andy Murray may have taken his call

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Playing 2019 Davis Cup or not: Andy Murray may have taken his call

The British Davis Cup team captain Leon Smith is confident that the former world No. 1 Andy Murray will play the Davis Cup under the new format in 2019. Speaking ahead of the tie against Uzbekhstan last week, Smith said: 'I don't see why not.

He absolutely loves it. He loves playing in the team event. He has played some of his best tennis in the Davis Cup. And I'm sure he'll say some of his best memories have come in the Davis Cup. Now that the format's been changed, I've talked to all the guys about it.

Embrace it and give it a good go. The ITF will look at it and, if it doesn't work, they'll have to get their heads together and see what does work. It will all come down to how amazing the atmosphere is, the occasion, which players turn up to play.

Let's hope it's a success.' Murray and Kyle Edmund, the two best ranked singles players of the country, both missed the tie against Uzbekhstan. But commenting on the future, Smith added: 'I think Andy, if he's fit, healthy and it works for him, he'll be part of it.

The most important thing for him is carrying on with the rehab. Because this has been a long chunk. The pull of playing here was so, so strong. But he's done really well in New York - now he has to go back and do his work again, to make sure it's safe and good for the next phase of tournaments.

I know he considered this very strongly. But you don't just turn up for one day of doubles. You have to travel back from what he's been doing in the States. It eats into pretty much a whole week of the work he's been doing for seven, eight hours a day.

You add that up and it's quite a big chunk of rehab he would miss. So it was the right decision. But we will miss him being here. We always miss Andy when he isn't here. You will totally recognise that this is a really difficult decision for him not to take part, at least in some way.

Whether it was doubles or whatever. That was a genuinely tough decision. And Kyle was the same. So we are missing two of our headline acts.' ALSO READ: David Ferrer: 'It will be my last US Open. Facing Rafael Nadal is a gift'