Andy Murray: 'Almost all the best backhands are double handers'

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Andy Murray: 'Almost all the best backhands are double handers'

On Thursday Wimbledon celebrated the National Poetry Day sharing a video featuring some of the finest one-handed backhands ever hit at The Championships on grass. The three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray instead backed two-handed backhand players like him.

'I'm here to stick up for double handers! The one handers are always said to be more beautiful, more artistic, poetic etc..', Murray wrote on Instagram. 'but almost all the best backhands in the game are double handers.

Almost all coaches say they would teach a double-handed backhand because it's a more simple, effective and efficient technique. Art doesn't need to be complex. There is beauty in simplicity. Double handers for the win!' Murray ended his season last week after his straight-sets loss to Fernando Verdasco in the quarter-finals.

Andy was supposed to play Beijing and then Basel or Vienna prior to Paris Masters, but he decided to come back to Great Britain and start preparing for the new season that for him will start at the Brisbane International in late December.

Murray will start his 2019 season in Brisbane, in the attempt to win his third title in Brisbane after 2012 and 2013 successes. 'I always enjoy going back to Brisbane', the British player said. 'It’s the first tournament of the year and the Aussies are always great fun to be around.

It’s a very intimate tournament as well, the fans can get really close to the players on the practice courts and they get great crowds from the beginning of the tournament.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title