Andy Murray is the Big-4 player I am closest to, Novak Djokovic

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Andy Murray is the Big-4 player I am closest to, Novak Djokovic

Out of the Big Four members, Andy Murray is the player to whom Novak Djokovic is closer in terms of friendship They have faced-off many times and have competed for the biggest titles in the sport but there has always been mutual respect between them.

'I know Andy I think the most from all these guys because we grew up together playing junior tournaments,' Djokovic said. 'We know each other since we were 11 years old. It's great also that we both kind of ascended to the ATP top of the men's game in the last couple of years.

More or less, we have the same careers. He's one week older than me, (we share) similar games. It's nice. We've been friends ever since. We have a very fair relationship. We Practice whenever we can. 'My first tournament in my life that I've played, first match officially, it was under 10,' added Djokovic.

'I won my first round and then I played him in the second round. He destroyed me. We keep on talking about that. But we are very good friends for a long time already. We won many things together with Davis Cup, a lot of matches.

We won the under-18 European team championship together. So we share a lot of nice moments.' Djokovic also praised the support he gets from his fans: 'My mindset about those things is very simple: I respect and appreciate their presence.

They buy tickets to come and watch us. The fans are most important. You have to try to find any available time or energy to kind of give back and try to, you know, spend at least a little bit of a personal time with them. Signing an autograph, taking a photograph is the least you can do.

There are many kids around here who love the sport, and when I was a kid also I was looking up to all these great tennis players and I was watching a few of the tournaments live. For me, that was an amazing experience. I know how important it was and how much it made my day when I saw an important tennis player that I was looking up to.

I have been in that position, and that keeps me on the ground and trying to interact with them as much as I can.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title