Andy Murray speaks on his love and passion for mentoring young stars

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Andy Murray speaks on his love and passion for mentoring young stars

British tennis star Andy Murray and his business team are eager to sign more young talent and grow the 77 Sports Managament company. Murray's management company has deals signed with players from tennis, football and athletics.

Promising British tennis stars Aidan McHugh and Katie Swan, twin track sprinters Shannon and Cheriece Hylton, as well as footballers Ryan Porteous and Fraser Murray, are a part of the 77 Sports Managament family. All the six athletes signed by the management company are aged 21 under.

"We take on talent based on their potential and personality and whether we feel we can make a difference," Murray told Sport360. "We have six clients now, in tennis, football and athletics, but we are keen to help more.

It's something I enjoy and I've got a good team around me to help out in all areas of management." Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion and a former world No. 1, has always been open to giving his advice to the up-and-coming stars.

"It (a mentorship role) is something I am passionate about, so I make time. Once I stop playing, then it's something I can devote more time to, but it's great being able to help some of the stars of the future," the 31-year-old added.

Meanwhile, Murray is set for a huge off-season as he has put an end to his 2018 campaign so he could focus on regaining his old fitness level ahead of the 2019 season. Also read: Joao Sousa withdraws from Moscow, set to be replaced by 2015 semi-finalist