You have to enjoy the pain on your way to success - Andy Murray's mum

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You have to enjoy the pain on your way to success - Andy Murray's mum

In an interview to Tennis365, Andy Murray and Jamie Murray's mother Judy commented on the keys of her two sons' success. Judy has taught tennis to both Andy and Jamie since a little age, but there was no guarantee of success for them.

'You don’t know when they are young if they can take it to another level and even though my two sons had talent, you never know whether they can make it as professionals when they are young', said Judy. 'Having talent is one thing, but you need someone to spot that talent, nurture it and see if they can take it to another level.

After that, it’s all about hard work. It is bringing the right attitude to the court, enjoying the pain and that is what my son Andy has done down the years. The heat, the tough conditions are a challenge, especially if you come from a country like Scotland, where the climate is generally much colder.

Not everyone can deal with it, but Andy relishes the challenge and that is one of the reasons why he has enjoyed so much success.' 'You need someone at 15 or 16 who is ready to get something that is largely a hobby and do that every day, with real commitment.

Not everyone wants to do that. You are on the road for 35 weeks of the year if you make it on the tennis tour. That means being away from your friends and family and it is tough, you have to sacrifice a lot. You have got to love the game, love the torture of the competition if you are going to make it.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title