Andy Murray's return to top level not guaranteed, suggests surgeon

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Andy Murray's return to top level not guaranteed, suggests surgeon

In an interview to the British media the Andy Murray's surgeon, Dr. John O’Donnell, commented on the three-time Grand Slam winner's physical condition. 12 months ago the former world No. 1 underwent a hip surgery in January in Australia, and last week he admitted he still suffers with pain.

Commenting on Murray's quotes, O'Donnell said: "That wouldn’t be surprising because he has had problems with his hip for some time and it had reached the point where he couldn’t play. It wasn’t really at the stage where we could attempt to make his hip normal – it was just to make it as better as we could.

He has certainly improved but he still has ongoing problems with it. It is not as bad as it was but it is not normal.” Murray is a champion and he clearly wants to go deep in the biggest tournaments. O'Donnell admitted the 31-year-old's motivation is as high as ever but he should be cautious.

“I think he has been walking a tightrope for some time and it is just his intense desire to do well that has kept him going as well as he has", said Murray. "So it is pretty hard to predict because he is not like a normal person.

He just does things that are beyond what I would normally understand. It is hard to know quite how far he can push it because if it comes down to will, he will certainly do extremely well. But he has had a lot of challenges to deal with." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title