Andy Murray explains why he uses Instagram, not Twitter anymore

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Andy Murray explains why he uses Instagram, not Twitter anymore

In a press conference at the Brisbane International, Andy Murray commented on his social media management. The British player does not use Twitter anymore and he now uses Instagram making a lot of funny posts. 'I used to use Twitter a lot, like quite a few years ago, and then -- I enjoyed it for a period, but then, you know, I'm very sarcastic, like with my team and people that know me, I have a very dry sense of humor, and sometimes that obviously doesn't come across whether I'm speaking to you guys or whether it's on social media or whatever,' said Murray.

'But, yeah, I mean I want to try and enjoy these kind of last little while of playing as much as I can and social media is a good way of doing that and showing your personality a little bit. Yeah, I have fun with that.' Murray is not feeling at his best physically after his hip surgery yet, but the British player is improving.

The Brit, who after 2017 Wimbledon, took a 11-month break, however, got used to the pain. 'Discomfort meaning pain. I mean all athletes have -- play through pain and niggles during their career. And I've obviously become accustomed to that over my career,' said Murray.

'The hip issue has been different than that. It's not just been discomfort or niggles. It's been a serious injury which has caused a lot of pain and more discomfort than just a niggle, and it's taken time to kind of adjust to that and understand that and kind of get my head around that.

I don't feel particularly like apprehensive and stuff about my hip as such today, just because I've trained on it more and been here playing practice sets with guys, and I've just had a lot longer to get used to it, whereas when I was playing again in kind of June, July time last year, my hip was pretty sore.

I hadn't really practiced much. I hadn't played matches for a long time, and psychologically it was difficult.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title