Andy Murray deserves to get proper goodbye at Wimbledon, says Boris Becker

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Andy Murray deserves to get proper goodbye at Wimbledon, says Boris Becker

In an interview to Eurosport, the six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker commented on Andy Murray's retirement from tennis. "Yes, I was shocked when I heard the news today that Andy Murray retires at Wimbledon, at the latest.

One of the greatest, three-time Grand Slam winner, two Olympic gold medals, world number one in 2016 and just a fine guy, a fine sportsman over the years but he never really recovered after his hip surgery 18 months ago. I thought last summer, during the grass court season that he was better, he played well during Queen’s but unfortunately didn’t play Wimbledon.

He started to come back slowly, had a third round at the US Open but didn’t play much in the fall. I was really hoping he would return strong at his beloved Australian Open, reached the final here five times but he lost in the second round in Brisbane and then had a practice session with Novak Djokovic and stopped that match at 6-1, 4-1 and I thought ‘why would he stop the match at 4-1? Why would he do a practice match anyway?’" "Unfortunately, today, he could barely speak, he had strong emotions obviously announcing his retirement by Wimbledon, if he’s going to make it.

He is apparently in so much pain that he can’t put on his socks or his shoes and he’s really struggling with his every day walks. I hope, for him, he survives the Australian Open and he survives until Wimbledon where he gets his proper goodbye in his beloved London."

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