Andy Murray will never be a global icon as Roger Federer, says expert

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Andy Murray will never be a global icon as Roger Federer, says expert

Andy Murray became a big star over the years in his country, Great Britain. The former world No. 1 will have ended his career with $100 million earnings from endorsements, bonuses, appearance fees and $61 million from prize money tournaments.

In an interview to BBC, the brands expert Anastasia Kourovskaia described Murray's legacy and his differences with other sports legends. "He is definitely different from the other top players", said Kourovskaia.

"He has already created a strong legacy, one that has enabled him to keep his brand presence alive when he was fighting injury over the past 18 months. The authenticity of his personality is his main asset. A lot of people are changed by success, but he is consistent.

It is a fantastic quality from a marketing point of view." Kourovskaia added: "He has a great opportunity for leveraging his brand name when he stops playing, but in a way that suits his personality. He will not be a David Beckham of British tennis, nor a Roger Federer - he will never be a global icon as they are.

He has always been an 'outsider', whose success has been greatly assisted by his grit and doggedness. From a marketing view, he occupies a very tight niche - as long as he retains the same qualities and does not look to acquire a more glamorous image."

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