'It takes courage to do what Andy Murray has done' - Ronnie O'Sullivan

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'It takes courage to do what Andy Murray has done' - Ronnie O'Sullivan

The 43-year-old snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan praised Andy Murray's fighting spirit. O'Sullivan will retire from the game at the end of the year due to a hip injury, the same reason that is forcing Murray to end his career.

But the Brit may have another surgery in order to give himself the final shot, play Wimbledon and maybe continue his path in professional tennis. "It takes a special type of courage and character to do what he has done", O'Sullivan recognized.

O'Sullivan thinks Murray can be put on the same position as snooker legends Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis. "Hendry and Davis broke the mould", the Brit added. "No-one has come into the game and dominated the game like that.

I haven't, I have had longevity. You have to take your hat off to Andy. It is a subconscious thing in tennis or football that you are conditioned to losing - reaching the semi-finals is a good result. He has been strong enough to say 'no I am not going to accept that'

I am not a ruthless animal like Murray. Sometimes I will look at it and think if I lose in the quarter-finals then I can have five or six days off and chill out, do a bit of commentary. That is not a ruthless attitude, I am a bit lazy and do what I can to get through.

I am one of those kids at school that finds out what they need to do to pass the exam and does enough - that is what I do with my snooker. I am not a slave to it but I like to grow as a person and learn from other people. I am not one for digging up holes and doing 14 hour days, like some of the other snooker players."

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