It felt like Andy Murray's career was not finished, says expert

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It felt like Andy Murray's career was not finished, says expert

TV commentator Matt Smith commented on Andy Murray possibly retiring from professional tennis. The first round match loss to Roberto Bautista Agut after five hours is still in many people's mind and the Brit is expected to undergo a hip surgery in order to have a better quality life and possibly competing again.

“I had the privilege of watching Murray’s match against Bautista Agut live and I’m sure he reflected on his wonderful performance and had second thoughts about retirement", said Smith in an interview to Tennis365. "We were watching what we thought was the end of a great tennis career, but it felt like there should be more to come.

Murray was up against a player at the top of his game, who has gone on to reach the quarter-finals here and he was incredibly competitive against him for five sets. It may have been that Andy was pushing himself through the pain barrier for one last time, but he had to think it is worth trying the hip scraping surgery in a bid to have another year or two playing the game he clearly loves."

Smith continued: "Who knows whether we will see him on the court again, but there is no doubt that he will be thinking anything is possible if this latest hip operation goes well. Some doubles players have made successful comebacks after this operation and I’m sure Murray will be dreaming of following in their footsteps.

His days of winning Grand Slam titles may be over, but the atmosphere in his match here in Australia was incredible and he will want to everything to try and get more of that”. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title