Boris Becker encourages Andy Murray to end career on his own terms

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Boris Becker encourages Andy Murray to end career on his own terms

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker believes that Andy Murray should undergo hip surgery and potentially continue his professional career. In an interview during the Australian Open in Melbourne, Becker said: "I really like Andy, I know him well, but I really wish he's not forced [to retire] because of an injury.

I think that's the worst for an athlete. So if there's a possibility medically to get better so he can finish on his own terms, I think it's vital for him and maybe the rest of his life. Because you will have a big chip on your shoulder.

I've seen other athletes that have been forced out of their sport they love because of injury. Yes he's been fighting it for 18 months and he's tried everything, but we're in 2019, there are new treatments for every type of injury, you just have to find the right doctors."

Becker loved Murray's mindset and fighting spirit showed at the Australian Open, where he lost to Roberto Bautista Agut in a five-set first round match. "It wasn't his first tournament after a lengthy lay-off so I wasn't surprised about the level.

He was number one in the world when he stopped 18 months ago and that's not an eternity so, when fit, he's one of the best. It's a question of time. If he gets treated the right way, in my opinion, then he can come back and play some good matches."

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