Psychologist reveals when he discovered the great Andy Murray

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Psychologist reveals when he discovered the great Andy Murray

The psychologist Paul McKenna recalled when he had a conversation with Andy Murray many years ago when the Brit was just a promising Young star. "My friend Greg Rusedski told me many years ago that this kid Andy Murray was going to be very special as he was so spectacularly talented and I was hoping I would get a chance to work with him", said McKenna in an interview to Tennis 365. "What was so impressive about Andy was that despite all the setbacks in his career, he managed to work out for himself how to win.

He had to overcome so many setbacks both in terms of his injuries and his defeats on the court and it was not easy for him to deal with all of that and emerge victorious, but he managed that and more with his accomplishments on the court”.

“Sports people learn to override pain and this is one of the reason they injure themselves. The adrenaline of the moment on the pitch, or the court or the boxing ring takes them to a different place and the pain their body is trying to tell them about is masked for a period.

I’ve worked with people like Nigel Benn and Frank Bruno, who were fascinating sportspeople to be around. I’ve worked with the current England manager Gareth Southgate when I was asked to help out Crystal Palace.

I was fortunate to have a chance to work with Olympic athletes Adrian Moorhouse, Steve Backley and Roger Black. These are sportsmen at the top of their game and what we find difference between a gold medal and an also-ran is about one per-cent.

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