Andy Murray comments on his future after tennis

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Andy Murray comments on his future after tennis

Andy Murray spoke about his possible future once he ends his career. The British player would love to play at least one more Wimbledon and see if he can play for a longer time. In London, the former world no. 1 said: “I want to see what it is I want to do when I finish playing.

I have other interests as well. If I wanted to go into coaching, commentary, all these sorts of things, I need to decide that more when I finish playing. This is something that, when it was initially discussed, it was quite exciting for me.

I certainly would not rule out doing more of it in the future”. Murray also shared an interesting thing about the hip surgery he underwent in early February: “Everyone was a bit worried in the waiting room. They were told I’d be back after 45 minutes and it was two-and-a-half hours later and I wasn’t back yet."

Murray concluded speaking about his feelings after his win over Stan Wawrinka in the Eastbourne opening round last year: "I wasn’t happy after the match because my hip was killing me. I thought after six months and a surgery and 12 months of not playing I’d be really happy with that but that wasn’t the case.

It’s not about proving anyone wrong or being the first person to do it, it’s just tennis is something I love doing, I really enjoy it. If my hip allows me to do that – without pain – and I can still enjoy it then I’d like to try. But if I can’t, then I can’t and I’ll be happy I’m not in pain every day”.