I may play doubles in order to see if I am ready for singles: Andy Murray

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I may play doubles in order to see if I am ready for singles: Andy Murray

Andy Murray did not rule out playing doubles in the future in order to see if he can be competitive enough to play singles as well. Speaking on Wednesday in London, the three-time Grand Slam winner said: “It’s a possibility that if I’m not ready to play singles that it might be a way of testing myself out to see how I’m feeling.

It’s not something I would do long term but it’s a possible stepping stone to getting back to playing singles again. I don’t have any reference. No one has done an operation like this and gone back to playing [singles].

Someone like Bob Bryan can come back and is doing good. But that’s doubles and there is a huge difference between the two in terms of the loads you put on the body and the stresses you put on the joints. It’s not quite the same, but it shows that there is a level that you can get to and it’s just whether or not I can do better than that”.

Murray loved competing at the highest level but he is aware it will not be easy anymore: "I think throughout large parts of my career that’s something that motivated me a lot but that really hasn’t in this it’s just I really like playing tennis.

So if I can come back and play… I was playing tennis for 18 months and it was horrible, it was not fun and it was really painful. Training wasn’t fun, matches weren’t fun”.