Andy Murray gives details about his intense rehab

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Andy Murray gives details about his intense rehab

For Andy Murray, not feeling pain in his hip is the most important thing. The British player started feeling issues at the 2017 French Open. Murray would love to have his last farewell at Wimbledon or maybe play at a professional level again.

"It's just tennis, it's something I love doing, I really enjoy it. If my hip allows me to do that – without pain – and I can still enjoy it then I'd like to try. But if I can't, then I can't and I'll be happy I'm not in pain every day.

If I am much slower than I was, let’s say, in Australia, I am not just going to go and play if I can’t move properly. I want to be able to run around like I used to", said the 31-year-old. Giving details about how his rehab went so far, Murray added: “Yesterday, for example, I did 45 minutes of my physio, I then did an hour in the swimming pool, I then did weights for an hour with 15-20 minutes of cardio on a bike and the cross-trainer, then I went home and I’ve got one of those AlterG machines at my house to help with my walking.

I’ve been limping for 18 months and even now that I don’t have pain, when I walk now, my initial thought when I stand up from this chair will be to limp. So I need to work on that all the time. I’m doing [about] 40 minutes of walking each day on this machine which allows you to adjust your bodyweight, so I’m walking at like 85-90 per cent of my body weight now which is good.

I’m walking quite well with that. Then I went back to the pool, did half hour in the pool and some more exercises for about 45 minutes or so to try to work on my range of motion. That’s the thing that’s hardest to get back if you leave that at the beginning and don’t take care of that.

The strength I can build up over a longer period, but if I just sat and didn’t work on the range of motion, my hip would just stiffen up and everything around it. So I need to work on that quite a lot. That’s quite uncomfortable. The other stuff is actually okay but the range of motion is pretty uncomfortable."