Judy Murray backs Andy to comevback: He has unbelievable mental strength

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Judy Murray backs Andy to comevback: He has unbelievable mental strength

In an interview to Site Tenis News, Judy Murray commented on her son Andy's physical condition. Judy said: "The surgery he underwent now was a reconstruction of the hip surface, the same thing that Bob Bryan went through, but the conditions between singles and doubles (game) are very different, especially given the way Andy plays.

But if there is someone who could come back after this surgery, it will definitely be him, because he has unbelievable mental strength. For me, the most important thing is that he is doing well living his life pain-free since there have been 20 months of suffering since the 2017 French Open when he felt it for the first time.

He also has to consider the aspect of his life, (now since he has) a young family. There is a life after tennis. But I know him so well that he will do everything possible to achieve this goal, but I also know that deeply in his mind he fully thinks that it may not be achievable.

In a way or the other, I know that he will know what to do and we just have to wait." Just as he hopes to make a comeback to the game one day, the former world no. 1 also hopes to play the Laver Cup. As of now, he is the only Big Four player to have not played the event, missing out because of his injury.

With regard to the Laver Cup, ahead of its third edition, to be played in Geneva this year, Tony Godsick, the event's co-founded shared his thoughts on how the event could shape up to be. In an interview with the German newspaper Tages Anzeiger, Godsick spoke about selecting Geneva as the venue.

"An advantage here in Geneva is that you do not have members who have his places or suites guaranteed. So, in the end, the number of available seats is similar. For us, it's important that fans have a good experience.

There will be once again a fan zone and an open training court for everyone." He also added, "It (the event) will be (played) in the 'rest of the world', but the selection process has just started. There are many chances: Asia, Australia, South America, Canada, United States again. Several cities asked for it, in the end, we try to go in all the continents. It's just a matter of time."