I didn't go through as much pressure as Andy Murray, says Milos Raonic

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I didn't go through as much pressure as Andy Murray, says Milos Raonic

A lot of expectations have been set on Milos Raonic over the years. The Canadian player reached his maiden Grand Slam final at 2016 Wimbledon losing to Andy Murray. Raonic was seen as a future world No. 1, and he achieved a career-high ranking at No.

3. In Indian Wells Raonic was asked if he felt as much as pressure as Andy Murray did before winning a Major in 2013 in his country. "Not by any chance to the extent that Murray did; that's for sure. I think I put a monkey on my back with my own self-expectations but not for anybody else.

I think this is all new things. And I don't know, if you look back before 2011 or '10, if anybody said, Hey, we might have a chance to compete for Grand Slams in singles, anybody would have taken you seriously in any aspect of the tennis world.

So I don't think that's the case", said Raonic. Asked if he feels as a good example for younger players, Raonic added: "I try everything I can to be better each day. I think I'm obsessive about that in every facet on court, off court.

I try everything I can to be a better tennis player each and every day. And I think I might have done it a little bit differently than other players that are around. I stayed in school all the way through and all these kind of things.

I had parents that weren't athletes, that were engineers. I think if you have the desire and the will to put in the effort each and every day, it can really pay off for you if this is where you want to be."