Jamie Murray: It's been very difficult for Andy since 2017 Wimbledon

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Jamie Murray: It's been very difficult for Andy since 2017 Wimbledon

In an interview with Sky Sports, Jamie Murray commented on his brother Andy's attempt to recover from hip surgery. Jamie, who achieved a career-high doubles ranking at no. 1, admitted the three-time Major singles winner has been going through a tough time lately.

"It's been very difficult for him since he stopped playing at Wimbledon in 2017, I think. He's done absolutely anything and everything he can to get his body right to compete. In Australia, he was like 'I just can't keep going like this' because there was just too much pain every day and he said 'I need to go and get the surgery done but after that, I don't know what will happen.'

There was no sort of history of players doing that. The thing is nobody [playing singles] has had the surgery and on top of that nobody had had the surgery and then tried to go back and play tennis again. He didn't really have anything to go on to know what was possible form the surgery but he doing his rehab and he getting more active as the video showed," said Jamie.

Murray started practicing against last week. About his return to the Tour, Jamie said, "I think he's probably cautiously optimistic now. He obviously didn't know what was going to be possible so first and foremost I think he's just happy not to have the pain every day because that was so debilitating, so depressing each day to wake up and go through that pain all the time.

At least he's got rid of that now and hopefully, he can get back on court, but to what level? We don't know yet."