Jamie Murray opens up on possibly playing doubles with Andy

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Jamie Murray opens up on possibly playing doubles with Andy

In an interview, Jamie Murray commented on the possibility to see him playing doubles with his brother Andy in the future. Andy is trying to recover from hip surgery and he is back to hit the ball against the wall. "Obviously people are talking about that and who knows? Maybe he will decide he wants to play doubles more regularly if singles is going to be too difficult after the surgery.

That would be cool. We always talk like we want to play Wimbledon one time and maybe this year is our only chance. We will have to see but I hope that he gets back and he’s feeling like he can get out there and compete to the level that he’s used to", said Jamie.

He also commented on his mother Judy's influence on the British tennis: “My mum has done so much for tennis in Britain and especially in Scotland. For me, I want to see her Park Of Keir project get built. I know that she will make a huge success of it.

I hope that she gets the investment to get it built whether that comes from the LTA or from private donors. I know how much she has put into it over the last five years to get it to this point but she needs financial support.

For British tennis it would be a no-brainer to invest in that project knowing that she’s the person that’s going to be driving it and making it work", concluded Jamie.