Fabio Fognini's coach shares interesting conversation with Andy Murray

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Fabio Fognini's coach shares interesting conversation with Andy Murray

In an interview to Punto de Break, Fabio Fognini's coach Franco Davin spoke about his coaching method. The Argentinean said: "The method is not to have one method, but doing a correct analysis of what the player needs, finding a way to improve.

For example, I like seeing Andy Murray, the way he competes in terms of tactics, it's crazy. In December he was with us in Miami doing the preseason and one day he told me he liked my Instagram account. For me, it was a pleasure that he said that then we started speaking of Fabio and he confessed to me Fabio's ball improved, which is something very complicated to realize.

Imagine how smart Murray is." Davin also commented on his previous co-operation: "With Gaston Gaudio, for example, he had a vital shot so that he would win, it took eight months to change it. There were times where I doubted if we could make it but it went better and we eventually won a Grand Slam."

On how a player-coach relationship works, Davin concluded: "It needs to be a combination of the things. The person I work with knows of tennis as well, so that's an advantage. His feedback helps me a lot. I have the statistics, the match ends, I come to Fabio and I explain to him what happened, but there is a risk that the player forgets it."