Andy Murray feels very positive about playing tennis again, says insider

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Andy Murray feels very positive about playing tennis again, says insider

The Queen's Tournament Director Stephen Farrow believes that Andy Murray will play competitive tennis one day again. The former world No. 1 has a lifetime deal with Queen's, but he may not play there this year. Exclusively speaking to Tennis World USA, Farrow said: "We have a wild card for him for both singles and doubles if he wants to play.

We are waiting and see. There is no pressure from our side, he has won so many times and the crowd would love to see him again. The most positive thing about Andy is that he feels very positive about playing tennis again. That's great for tournaments and the game."

On Queen's potentially being upgraded to a Masters 1000 category, Farrow added: "Grass is the only surface where no Masters events are played. There would be a lot of logic in having a Masters 1000 and I think if we could have one, I obviously think it should be Queen's because of the history, players love it, we have a huge crowd coming in every year but the grass season is not that long.

Queen's and Halle have very strong players' field. I think a 1000 would make perfect sense, but a longer grass season would be needed", said Farrow, who also admitted that compared to Halle, that already has a roof, Queen's isn't planning to have one on the Central Court: "It would be expensive, I see it complicated anytime soon.

Plus, that's a member's club. Fortunately, we had great weather over the last years." On David Nalbandian's incident in 2012, Farrow concluded: "I remember that very well. What Nalbandian did that day, we were having a great final and you do not see such behaviour very often."