Kyle Edmund shares how different pressure is without Andy Murray

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Kyle Edmund shares how different pressure is without Andy Murray

In a press conference in the French Open Kyle Edmund commented on how big the pressure can be for him now that Andy Murray is out of the spotlight. The British player said: "It also depends, I think, on the individual, how he perceives spotlight.

A lot of time, you know, like the world we live in, the world you base yourself in, what you tell yourself and the thoughts that you tell yourself is then your perception of how you think things are going. So if you read every article or you constantly think about I'm under pressure to win this match, everybody is watching me, then probably you're going to feel a little bit more pressure.

But as well if you kind of take it lighthearted and at the end of the day it's just a tennis match. If you lose, what happens? People say a few things about you, they say their opinion, life goes on. And the reality is they forget about it in a few weeks and a few months.

So it kind of all depends on how you do it. Some people have different ways of doing it. But, yeah, as you said, there is always, from my impression, added activities in terms of a bit more media, a bit more cameras on you, a bit more sponsor things to do.

So there's sort of added workload. But, you know, we're professionals. That's what we signed up to do and we chose tennis to do it. So you can moan about it, but it makes no sense to moan about it when you think about the job you're doing at the end of the day and what you have compared to probably what other people have, and they'd probably give a lot to be in your position."