Andy Murray: 'Herbert vs Paire in French Open was a brilliant match'

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Andy Murray: 'Herbert vs Paire in French Open was a brilliant match'

Andy Murray enjoyed watching the second round French Open match between Benoit Paire and Pierre-Hugues Herbert. Through Instagram Stories, the British player wrote: "Paire vs Herbert is such a brilliant match to watch...

Both guys got so much flair and feel for the game... Great volleys, drop shots, lobs... So different most of the Tennis you see nowadays. Both really nice guys too?" Paire prevailed 11-9 in the fifth set and in a press conference he said: "It's beautiful.

It's true that playing against Pierre-Hugues today was a specific match because I said yesterday he's a great friend. I played one of the most difficult matches in my life, one of the most beautiful. We were going 6-2, 6-2, 3-1, and then he got hurt.

I was losing concentration. I served for the match, and then I couldn't get concentrated. But the fact that he had gotten hurt seemed to relax him. So he started becoming more aggressive, and his shots started to bother me.

When you serve for the match again and again and in the end, you don't manage to get through, it's difficult. But in my mind, I remained focused. A while ago, I couldn't have remained focused. The fifth set, when I was being led by one break, I would have let go.

I would have said, Well, you see? You're playing a fifth set. You're getting broken. A while ago I would have let go. But there I remained concentrated. I came back into the game. I hung on. The beautiful thing about this victory is that when you want to play a match like this, there's got to be two of you. And with Pierre-Hugues, we enjoyed very much this game, this match. I'm happy I made it."