Andy Murray: I’m going to have a different perspective if I come back

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Andy Murray: I’m going to have a different perspective if I come back

Former Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray has insisted that he will have a more relaxed outlook about his return this time around. Battling hip surgery since January, Murray will make his first steps back on court when he plays doubles at the Fever-Tree Championship at Queen's Club later this month.

"During the whole injury troubles that I'd been having, tennis was the most important thing to me and getting back on the tennis court is what was going to make me happy," said Murray. "There are certain things you realise as you get older and especially because of what I have been through the last couple of years.

I've realised that it's not about winning all the time and it's actually about giving your best effort”. "That was what I was always basing success on. I realise now that that isn't actually the most important thing, which has taken quite a lot of years of playing the sport and going through a lot of ups and downs to realise that.

I'd be okay with not playing again as well. I'd want to enjoy it a lot more than what I did, experience different things and not just concentrate on the winning and stuff and success”. "If I do come back to play, I'm going to have a completely different perspective on things for sure."

He further went on to dive deeper into this thought, saying, "Something I'd try to do a bit more of is spending a bit more time out in the cities, seeing sights, exploring. We get to go to amazing places. Some of the nicest cities in the world and often we spend most of our time at the courts, practising and in hotels, having room service”.

"It's not what people might imagine it to be. I'll make sure I enjoy the cities a little bit more than what I did."