Andy Murray: 'Many female players refused to play mixed with me'

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Andy Murray: 'Many female players refused to play mixed with me'

Andy Murray revealed many female players refused to play the mixed doubles with him at Wimbledon. The British player said: "I can think of many (smiling). You know, I asked singles players who had already committed to playing doubles, and they didn't want to commit to playing in three events, which I completely understand because it's a lot.

If you have ambitions to go far in the singles, you maybe don't want to commit to playing all three." He also recalled what his feelings were when he lost to Roberto Bautista Agut in the Australian Open first round: "After that match, because at the time, you know, when I had spoken to my team, like, in December, I had said that I wanted to stop at Wimbledon, because I didn't want to play anymore.

I was getting no enjoyment out of anything. But then after that match in Australia, I said to my team, Honestly, if that's it, I'm absolutely fine with that if that's the end because of how the match was and the atmosphere and everything that went with it.

I was totally cool if I stopped playing then. You know, then obviously I had the operation and I was, like, I'm going to rehab as best as I can and see how I feel. And then things felt good, and, you know, I always wanted to try to play tennis again if I was able to.

But at the same time, if it wasn't possible, I would have been absolutely fine with stopping there. I didn't need -- you know, I always felt, like, when I stop I would want it to be a specific tournament, and Wimbledon felt like maybe the right place to do that.

But after that match, I realized that it isn't about that. It's not about stopping at one place or a special place, really, for me. You know, it will be when I'm not able to do it physically anymore, and I'll know that now.

I was at that point in Australia, and I'm sure I'll get there. And hopefully it's a few years away, but we'll see (smiling)."