I am unlikely to play Wimbledon mixed with Maria Sharapova,says Andy Murray

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I am unlikely to play Wimbledon mixed with Maria Sharapova,says Andy Murray

Maria Sharapova wrote a funny tweet about possibly pairing up with Andy Murray in the Wimbledon mixed doubles draw. The British player said: "I think you should really have to work your way back. I mean, I haven’t given it lots of thought, really.

I think we played once together in the IPTL before, and I don’t remember us playing particularly well together.’ Asked if Sharapova's doping ban may play a role on his decision, Murray added: "I mean, possibly.

But like I say, I haven’t given it – I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought. But at the time I said what I felt. I still feel the same way about those things, and that’s never going to change."

Asked who he could pair up with in mixed, Murray concluded: "I personally haven’t spoken to anyone yet since the other day. I probably in the next, I guess probably by beginning to middle of next week I’ll – we chatted briefly about it this morning with the guys, because my coach had a few, you know, messages from players, and then, you know, a few people have said stuff online, but I haven’t actually spoken to anyone since.

Well, there are some players I would obviously like to play with, and I mentioned obviously Ash the other day because I think she’s obviously a brilliant player, but the way she plays obviously suits doubles tennis.

So ideally, try and find someone who is, you know, a quality doubles player. Yeah, that’s the most important thing."