Andy Murray. 'Feliciano Lopez has ridiculous serve'

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Andy Murray. 'Feliciano Lopez has ridiculous serve'

In a press conference Andy Murray commented on his triumph at the Queen's Club with Feliciano Lopez. The British player said:"There's things I can do better, and I think a lot of it is sort of positioning on the court, like, I don't know if that was -- we never played together, so, like, where to stand, like, after Feli has hit a return or where to position ourselves at the net and things like that.

In terms of how I was hitting the ball, I think I did okay. But one of the things that's quite difficult with doubles is that you're never going to find the partner who has everything, and you yourself don't have everything.

You know, I have flaws in my game, and Feli will have weaknesses in his game. But we used our strengths and complemented each other very well, and you need to be able to do that and not get frustrated with yourself. For example, like, I mean, Feli's serve is ridiculous.

You know, he can serve like that, as you have seen for ten hours in a row. For me, that's something that's not as good. Sometimes I feel a bit self-conscious on the court that I'm maybe letting my partner down by not serving as well as him.

And then there are sometimes, like, if you hit a few good returns and Feli doesn't make some that you think, oh, he maybe could have made that. But that isn't how tennis works, and doubles is different like that. You need to -- yeah, you need to complement each other.

You don't do everything perfectly. That's something that, you know, I need to always remember and to do well."