Andy Murray reveals when he will take decision on Wimbledon mixed partner

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Andy Murray reveals when he will take decision on Wimbledon mixed partner

Andy Murray is still unsure about his mixed doubles partner at Wimbledon. Ashleigh Barty and Kristina Mladenovic both rejected as they want to focus on singles. “I must decide if I’m definitely 100 per cent going to play.

I have spoken to a couple of the guys who don’t play mixed doubles all the time, and they were just saying if you get a couple of bad days of rain, you could end up having to play best-of-five doubles followed by a mixed doubles.

That can happen a couple of days in a row. I need to be certain that I’m ready to do that and I think I should be okay. Ideally the weather will be good and you don’t have to worry too much about that, but we’ll see.

I'll try and decide on that probably by tomorrow (Wednesday), I would think. Then also just decide if I'm definitely 100% going to play, as well." "I don't care whether they take me seriously as a doubles player or not, to be honest (smiling).

I'll give them good matches, I'm sure, when I play against them. And, yeah, we'll see. I mean, maybe they'll be sort of scouting and stuff. And the more doubles matches I play, I guess, they'll start to see more patterns of play and things.

But I think it happens sometimes in doubles it's easy to overanalyze things a little bit. You know, a lot of it is sort of quick reaction, you know, not easy to prepare for that. Some days, because of the way that guys move up at the net, you could hit a perfect return crosscourt one week and the guy at the net moves the other way and you win the point, and then the next week they move the opposite way and you lose the point.

That's kind of how it works a bit in doubles. Things need to go your way a little bit, as well." Asked if he has spoken to Pierre-Hugues Herbert for his plans at Wimbledon, Murray concluded: I saw him just before he went onto the court, and I have messaged him back and forth a few times the last week or so, week or ten days or so.

He obviously won his singles today, and, you know, his priority is going to be singles, as well, and I understand that. You know, we spoke about that when he decided to play, as well, and he wasn't planning on playing doubles.

So we probably won't get to practice too much together, so I think I'm going to play on the other side of the court, on the deuce court with him. So that's another change and something that I'll have to practice a bit this week if that's going to be the case."