I won't watch eventual Murray brothers clash at Wimbledon - Mother Judy

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I won't watch eventual Murray brothers clash at Wimbledon - Mother Judy

In an interview to the Daily Mail, Judy Murray commented on her son Andy's return to the competition. Judy said: "He had four or five practise sets in the week before. So I don't think anybody expected too much. It was just him dipping his toe into competing again.

But he went straight into warrior mode...and before you knew it, he had the flippin' silverware. It was great just to see him out there playing, pain-free and without the limp. He was loving it because you could be forgiven for thinking that would be the end of it.

You can't put anything past him. If he puts his mind to something, he usually manages to make it happen. It's his goal to get back to playing singles and last week would have given him a lot of confidence. Fingers crossed, in a few months time, he might be ready to try that."

Jamie and Andy could face each other in the Wimbledon third round. If that happens, she would not like to watch the match: "I would go to the pub!" On how to make tennis bigger in Great Britain, she added: "We need the succession plan.

You have to find the pathway that gets more people into the game. There are too many gaps at the moment and it is too expensive for most families." Meanwhile, Andy Murray said he is still unsure about who he will partner with for the mixed doubles: "We spoke about it (with coach) last night and again this morning and let’s just say coach and player have differing views!

It is a tough one and I don’t know who will win, but we will come to an agreement. I am not going to make a decision on it without everybody being on board with it."