I am not very good at eating healthy, admits Andy Murray

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I am not very good at eating healthy, admits Andy Murray

In an interview, Andy Murray spoke about his diet. The British player said he has not been too strict with it lately: "I'm not very good [at eating healthily]. A lot of chocolate biscuits" I think actually since I've had kids it's got worse [because] when we go out for dinner, we go for pizza", admitted Murray.

In a column for the BBC, Murray commented on his off-court distractions when he was dealing with a hip issue: "While I was out injured I decided to give painting a go one night when I was bored - and from that point, I started getting into art.

I wouldn't say it was a means of escape from my injury problems as such, it was more that I had more time on my hands and that made me realise there are other things to do out there, not just the sport or the job you're doing.

So, how did I get into it? Well, a couple of my friends are really interested in art and I always used to make fun of them because they would show me a piece of art and I would say 'that looks like something I could do'

My wife Kim is a talented artist and paints and has canvasses, oils and acrylics, so one night I gave it a go. I wasn't trying to paint anything in particular. When I've looked at different pieces of art, sometimes I've not known what it is.

So I was just trying to paint something - and my attempts were hilarious! I was trying to flick the paint and use all sorts of techniques but I was getting it on the ceiling, everywhere. It was a disaster!"