Andy Murray doesn't cry all the time, says Dan Evans

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Andy Murray doesn't cry all the time, says Dan Evans

In a Dan Evans' press conference, a journalist said that Andy Murray cries all the time. "When was the last time you cried?", the reporter asked Evans. The British player replied: "I wouldn't say Andy cries all the time.

No, I don't know. Listen, obviously a lot of my friends were here, people who have helped me so much. I don't know, just got the better of me today. There's plenty more tennis to be played in this tournament, so I won't be resting on that win."

"It's more that I believe I can do better now than before. I was just playing tennis. I probably didn't know the magnitude of winning matches in Grand Slams. It's a big deal to be winning matches in the best tournaments in the world, especially here at Wimbledon, at your home slam, with so much tradition at the tournament.

Yeah, I want to go as far as I can here. For me it's the best Grand Slam, so I can't wait to play again." Asked if he can go far, Evans replied: "I hope so. Again, I just have to concentrate on Saturday, try to get a win on Saturday, then we can keep going.

Literally that's what it's like: match at a time, set at a time. It's boring, I know. I'd love to say it is coming, but I just have to concentrate on Saturday."