Car ruins Andy Murray’s Olympics gold post box

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Car ruins Andy Murray’s Olympics gold post box

A car smashed down the golden post box that served as a reminder of Andy Murray’s 2012 Olympics gold medal obtained against Roger Federer. The accident happened in Dunblane, Andy’s hometown, while the involved automobile was backing up.

The car “rolled back and knocked the post box out”, according to an eyewitness quoted by The Telegraph. Another witness, Graham Fleming, who lives next to the post box described what he saw when he heard the crash between the car – a silver Mercedes -, and the famous post box.

"I heard a massive thud... I looked out the window and there was a load of kids there who had been sitting on the chair beside the post box. "Literally the park bench they were sitting on was less than one metre away from post box.

A woman came down and drove the car away about a minute later... I think she was a bit embarrassed. She parked the car a few metres away and waited for the police." , said Fleming as quoted by BBC. Royal Mail, the owner of the “injured” post box, picked up the letters, said Graham, so no telegrams were lost.

Royal Mail’s spokeswoman had a positive statement regarding Andy Murray’s honorific gold post box. "We're aware that the Andy Murray gold postbox has been knocked down and will look to reinstate it as soon as possible”, said the spokeswoman as quoted by The Telegraph.

The Scottish police narrated the incident: “Police in Forth Valley attended at Dunblane High Street at around 7.50pm on Monday July 22 following a report of a low-speed collision where a Mercedes car struck a Royal Mail postbox.

The female driver of the car sustained a minor injury but didn't require medical attention. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing." Andy Murray’s mother, Judy, was the first to react from the Murrays family.