Sushi addict Andy Murray gives diet advice

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Sushi addict Andy Murray gives diet advice

Recently healed from his hip operation, Andy Murray told Daily Mail how his diet changed from eating 50 sushi portions a day to a more carefully chosen menu during his recovery period and shared his thoughts on how normal people should eat.

“Diet is a really important part of any athlete’s regime and something I have been focusing on a lot in the past couple of years. My diet actually changed quite a bit whilst I was in recovery from the hip operation as I focused on foods that reduced inflammation”, said Murray.

Despite his strict diet habits, Andy confessed he likes to cheat every now and then: “Having said that I do like to have treats from time to time and am quite partial to a chocolate biscuit! My focus is obviously different to what most normal people would eat but I think the "everything in moderation" way of thinking is a sensible approach to diet – the same goes for children”.

Andy Murray’s overwhelming sushi diet was described in a Daily Mail article from 2013. Sushi is “a delicacy usually consumed in small portions, but Andy Murray is such a fan of sushi he is able to eat 50 portions in one sitting”, wrote Daily Mail.

However, the Scottish champion did not stick only to sushi, obviously. “He also eats large quantities of red meat, pasta and rice spread over six meals in a day. Breakfast is a yoghurt and a peanut butter bagel with a protein shake.

The 6,000 calories a day are washed down with at least six litres of water. Alcohol, processed foods and sugar are avoided at all costs”. , added Daily Mail.