Andy Murray: 'I have zero pain, there are still improvements to come'

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Andy Murray: 'I have zero pain, there are still improvements to come'

Andy Murray met the reporters on Sunday in Cincinnati to speak about his return to the competition in singles after dealing with a hip injury. The British player, who played four tournaments in the doubles draw since June, will start his campaign against Richard Gasquet.

“I have zero pain," Murray reassured. "I’m not expecting to be moving as well as I used to, but I still think I can probably move better than I am just now. But that will take time. I only started playing singles again a couple of weeks ago.

Obviously, when you’re playing at the highest level against the best players, they hit the ball big and it takes time to get used to that again. And there’s still some improvement to come from my hip operation. Pain-wise, obviously, I don’t have pain in my hip, so that was one.

Recovering from practices that I had? Fine, there were no issues later in the day with my hip. And then performances in practices with top singles players. At some stage, you have to take the step to try to play. My team felt like this was the right time to do that.

That’s why I’m giving it a go”. Murray is still unsure about whether playing the US Open but he has signed up to play in Zhuhai and Beijing in late September. “If things don’t go well and I feel like it might take me a little longer to get up to this level, then that’s definitely an option.

That’s something I’d be fine with doing. Ultimately, I’d like to be competing at this level. The quickest way to get up to speed is by being on the practice and match court with top players in my opinion”.