Andy Murray doesn't back Nick Kyrgios in Cincinnati controversy

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Andy Murray doesn't back Nick Kyrgios in Cincinnati controversy

Speaking to BBC Sport, Andy Murray gave his thoughts on Nick Kyrgios' latest controversy in Cincinnati. The Australian player insulted umpire Fergus Murphy and broke rackets. Murray and Kyrgios are close - Nick even attended Andy's doubles match on Thursday - but he admitted the Canberra native crossed the line.

"It wasn't good, and I felt for Fergus as he shouldn't have to put up with that," said Murray. "I chatted to him a little bit last night after the match. It's obviously up to him, and I think for the most part a couple of weeks ago in Washington, he did a good job of helping himself and using the crowd.

But obviously this week, he went back to what he was doing before. You just hope he will figure it out because a week like in Washington is really good for tennis, but last night isn't. Hopefully, he gets it figured out."

On Kyrgios, Karen Khachanov said: "It's really tough, I think not only for me but for everybody. That's the only way you can try to handle it, and you can have chances to win the match. Always try to stay there."

Meanwhile, among the women, Venus Williams made headlines for a different reason in her third-round match win over Donna Vekic on Thursday. The American asked her coach to come on the court and before he could give her inputs about the match, she asked him for a cup of coffee.

She was asked at what point she realized she needed a coffee on the court. "I don't know. It was what it was," said Venus.