Andy Murray Talks About His New Diet


Andy Murray Talks About His New Diet

Tennis - Former World No. 1 Andy Murray says his new specially designed diet has helped him in his recent comeback. Murray says, “I have a nutritionist and he gives me meal plans to make sure I am optimising my nutrition to help my performance, training and recovery.

My eating is pretty healthy – lots of salads, grilled chicken and fruit, and making sure I take in enough fluids are also really important. I do tend to eat a lot of protein as I burn a lot of energy during training and matches and that helps me with my recovery.

There are foods I avoid like sweets and biscuits and for a while I was gluten-free which was a decision I took when I was trying to reduce the inflammation in my body to help my hip, so that meant steering clear of bread and pasta.

Obviously, I don’t drink alcohol. Before a big match, I do a lot of preparation on my opponent and how I am going to play my game against them. I always eat an hour to an hour and a half before I am due on court and usually have something like chicken with rice and then I have physio and warm up with my team to make sure I’m ready to go mentally and physically as soon as I step out on court.

Immediately after a match I’ll warm down in the gym and then see my physio for a massage and to check-in. My team are usually with me when I have physio so we’ll chat a bit about the match (the good and the bad).

I often have an ice bath to help my muscles recover quicker so I’m ready to play again the next day or the day after that. I’ll also eat about an hour after I come off court”. Murray said he plans to play singles in the ATP event in Zhuhai (starting September 23rd) followed by Beijing and Shanghai. He is also planning to play the ATP Cup and the Australian Open in January.

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