Zhang Zhizhen reacts to Andy Murray's comments

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Zhang Zhizhen reacts to Andy Murray's comments

Andy Murray was impressed with Zhang Zhizhen's performance in Beijing. As was Dominic Thiem, who said the Chinese player is likely to crack top 100 rankings. Zhizhen said: "It was nice to hear those comments. Out of these past matches, I think I have recognized my own performance and I think that boosted my confidence."

On his loss to Dominic Thiem, Zhizhen added: "I was very nervous, of course. Before I entered the court, I was very nervous. Well, it was a big court. I thought I would pay attention to the spectators. However, when I was in court, I only focused on my match.

But at first, I was a little bit nervous. The first five minutes when I was warming up, my serve was long in the first game, so I was very nervous. I have enough matches. Last year I lost many matches, but I still played enough matches.

Because I play that many matches, more or less the same. In terms of funding, it's adequate I would say, not lacking, but it was enough. It was enough. It was enough for me." Asked if he plans to get associated to more sponsors, Zhizhen concluded: "If anyone is interested, I'm fine.

But it's out of my scope. It has to go to my manager, I think. I don't think they would go directly to me. I would refer them to my manager." Murray and Thiem will play the quarter-finals in Beijing on Friday.