Andy Murray reveals the hilarious gift he got from a Chinese fan

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Andy Murray reveals the hilarious gift he got from a Chinese fan

Andy Murray was asked what gifts he has been receiving from his Chinese fans during the Asian swing. The British player said: "I got given the other day like a fish fossil. That's what it was, wasn't it? It was really, really old.

I don't know how old. I got given that. Was that yesterday after my match? Maybe on Monday after my practice. Yeah, it was just pretty thoughtful. I've never been given that before, anything like that. I did see the video. It's not the case at any of the other tournaments we play at, when we play in Europe and stuff, the fans don't tend to give gifts.

Here, most years you get given a few things to take home. It's usually much easier to do if I'm in Europe because I have a lot of family there, I have a lot of friends there. And so it doesn't feel like I've been away for three months and it's been a mixture of New York, Florida and majority of the two months were all over Europe.

And I actually came back the other day to California and I noticed that I was away since my birthday and I see all these random birthday gifts and I'm like, "Oh my goodness, I don't even remember who got me this because I left the day after."

So I have these crazy, crazy moments where I really recognize that I'm away from home. But in the moment when I'm there and when I'm experiencing all these treasures and countries and meeting people and I'm able to share those experiences with my family and my friends, and as I said to me, that is the best gift that I can give anyone is to include the people that mean the most to me in my travels.

That's what makes it like home. I mean, I do need a few extra like face masks, but other than that, it is the people that make it very homey."