Andy Murray shares the good and bad things about playing in China

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Andy Murray shares the good and bad things about playing in China

Andy Murray spoke about the good and bad things about playing in China. The British player said: "I like the conditions here. That helps. I think as the tournament goes on, you tend to get better crowds towards the end of the week.

The last couple of days in terms of, like, atmosphere, it's been not as good as you would like. I think because of the celebration, the holiday, I don't think so many people have come in the last couple of days. I've always liked it.

Playing in Asia, we get looked after very well. The tournaments are always very well-organized. We get to stay in nice hotels. We're looked after extremely well. There's nothing to complain about from a players' perspective.

I don't know if I'm complaining about it, but I'd like it to be bigger crowds and nicer atmospheres. That normally comes as the week goes on." On the Chinese player Zhizhen Zhang, Murray added: "I played him in Shenzhen last year, as well.

I played him in the first round there. I think he pulled out in the third set at like 3-1 or 4-1. He was cramping. It was really humid there. We played quite a long match. Yeah, he's played well. He was very unlucky not to win against Seppi last week.

I think he was up 6-2 in the third set tiebreak. Obviously had four match points, five match points, something like that. Seppi came up with a couple of unbelievable shots at the end to stay in that one. I didn't see any of the matches against Edmund really.

I think I was playing that day. Maybe I was playing at the same time. I didn't see that much of it. But he plays well. He's a big guy. Serves well, goes for his shots a lot. Should probably be ranked... Well, I think he can play better than what his ranking is.

I think he showed that the last couple of weeks with his results." Murray lost to Dominic Thiem in the quarter-finals on Friday.