Andy Murray: 'I started not to love tennis anymore'

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Andy Murray: 'I started not to love tennis anymore'

In an interview to L'Equipe Andy Murray spoke about his recovery from a hip injury. The three-time Major winner said: "In the last years I started not to love tennis anymore, I was not feeling pleasure on the court anymore.

I was hurting when I trained and when I played. Over all those months I learned an essential thing: without tennis, I can do well in my life. I was not really aware of that before my surgery." On his second round win over Cameron Norrie in Beijing, Murray added: "The good thing about tennis is that you can change strategy and tactics.

I think if you watched the end of the second set, pretty much the whole of the third set, I tried to keep the points short. I started coming to the net a lot more. My feeling was that the average rally length went down by quite a few shots.

In the third set, I didn't really feel like out of breath after any of the rallies, whereas in the middle of the second set, you know, I felt like there's three or four games where we were playing a lot of long points, but he was also dictating the rallies.

He's a very fit guy. He's playing quickly between the points, as well. I was finding it really tough physically. So, yeah, I did the right thing and started to shorten the points, kind of didn't make it a physical battle, which it was midway through the second set." Murray will play the Shanghai Masters next week.