Andy Murray: 'I was just consumed by this pain in my hip'

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Andy Murray: 'I was just consumed by this pain in my hip'

Andy Murray spoke about his physical condition. The British player admitted dealing with hip issues for years has not been easy. "I feel very different, yeah", said Murray. "I have no pain in my hip. It makes a huge, huge difference to everything.

Not just my tennis but everything away from the court, as well. You know, before, my whole life was pretty much -- well, I was just consumed by this pain in my hip. It was like every minute of the day, it was very, very tiring.

I found it really hard towards the end before I had the operation, and now, obviously, you know, I'm able to play. I'm able to do lots of different things. It was a big, big change for me, and I'm really happy. I wish I had had the surgery sooner, but I'm very happy I'm in this position now."

Asked what's the most difficult thing to do since his return, Murray added: "I'd say recovering from matches. You know, the beginning for me was more, with this comeback, was just being confident, like, moving and changing direction on my hip playing singles.

That was difficult at the beginning. But once I sort of got over that and then like the last few weeks was winning some matches, having to come back and play the next day and stuff, you know, is difficult, because it's not just -- you know, I really haven't played much the last couple of years, and, you know, for a period I was playing lots of matches, competing, you know, towards the latter stages of most of the tournaments, so your body adjusts and gets used to kind of the load that it's under.

You know, that obviously hasn't been the case for me for quite a while. These last few weeks, like I say, because I have had to do that and I have played more matches, it's starting to get a little bit more used to starting to compete at this level again."