Fabio Fognini: 'I do not know why Andy Murray took it so seriously'

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Fabio Fognini: 'I do not know why Andy Murray took it so seriously'

In an on court interview Fabio Fognini spoke of Andy Murray's behaviour during their second round match in Shanghai. The Italian player commented on the controversy he was involved in with Murray during the match. "When I said "look at me" I was trying to be funny (in my mind I was).

I don't know why he took it so seriously." Murray said: “There is a lot of things that I need to get better at, and I can do much better. I will go away and I'll work on those things and be in a better position next time I play against him.

I served for the match twice and lost after three hours, so, I want to say that's the first time ever in my career that that's happened. I don't know. But I think it's the first time I served for a match twice and not won.

So I'm disappointed about that." On his compatriot Kyle Edmund losing his British No. 1 status, Murray concluded: "He's obviously been going through a tough time just now. He did have some physical issues I know earlier on in the year with his knee.

I think he's been feeling a bit better physically recently, but obviously this year has been a little bit stop/start for him and it's tough. I mean, tennis is a hard sport. You know, when you start losing matches, and, you know, you're playing at this level, it's difficult.

You know, the only way to sort of turn it around is to keep getting yourself out there and competing and training hard and practicing the right things. It will turn around for him, because he's a really, really good player, and, you know, he has a big game.

So I'm sure he'll turn it around, but, you know, that only comes with getting yourself out there and working hard."