Andy Murray: 'I have to be in Tour in order not to have more kids!'

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Andy Murray: 'I have to be in Tour in order not to have more kids!'

In the upcoming days Andy Murray will become father for the third time in his life as his wife Kim will give birth again. Speaking in Antwerp, the Brit said: "I have got two young kids and a third one coming, so I will have three kids under four years old.

When I have been off the tour the last few years my family has got bigger, so I need to get on the road so that we do not get under control!" On his success at the European Open, Murray added: “I don’t know why you get emotional about certain things or the reason for why it comes.

Everyone is different. It was because the past few years have been hard for me and tennis is something that I love doing and today was unexpected and yeah, there’s lots of reasons for me to be emotional today. I just want to try and be competitive.

I want to feel like when I’m on the court I’m not getting smashed, that I’m making it difficult for them and competing as best I could. I wasn’t thinking I’m going to win tournaments or I’m going to be beating guys like Stan and Berrettini and pushing guys like Fognini close.

I just wanted to feel like I was competitive. This has come as a surprise to me and my team”. On his physical condition Murray concluded: “My hip is fine. There’s no pain there anymore, which is amazing. I guess there shouldn’t be because it’s metal, there’s no pain receptors or anything in the metal, so that’s brilliant. It allows me to compete like that and enjoy what it is that I’m doing”.