Andy Murray could not even walk after Australian Open - Mother

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Andy Murray could not even walk after Australian Open - Mother

In an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport Andy Murray's mother spoke about her son coming back to a high level after winning last week's Antwerp Open defeating Stan Wawrinka in a three-set final. Murray said: "After that match Andy was so much painful that he could not even move.

He waited for two days before taking an air flight back to Great Britain. At that point be decided of undergoing surgery again. It's about the quality life, and he could not cope with it for a long time. There were moments where he could not put his socks on.

Playing tennis was the last priority. He had a slow recovery and he was very frustrated." Asked how she celebrated Murray's title in Antwerp, Judy replied: "I had a champagne bottle in front of the TV. Then I sent him an audio message to tell him how I was happy and proud of him.

I told him that this trophy means a lot. Because it was given by perseverance and resilience. I told him that I wish him happiness inside and outside the court, and I wish him to stay healthy. Now he is doing well, he has an amazing family and he is not afraid or painful anymore.

Winning on court is really a big joy, but the biggest triumph was to see him play without any pain and walk without being on crutches. But he is such a warrior on court that I knew he would have not given up."