Andy Murray reveals the woman that changed his career

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Andy Murray reveals the woman that changed his career

Andy Murray thanked his surgeon Sara Muirhead-Allwood for helping him to get back to his highest level. The three-time Major winner revealed he first contacted the Canadian ice hockey star before taking a decision. "I spoke to Ed (Jovanovski), who had the operation and he got back to playing in the NHL after 8 months and he told me that the rehab was hard but that his hip was brilliant at the end of it.

The reason why he didn't continue playing for longer is that he was 39 at the time and he had other issues. So I knew that if I did it properly I might have a chance, I just didn't know if it was going to work out for me or not", said Murray.

"Without what she (the surgeon) did, I wouldn't be playing again, so I probably have her to thank more than anyone." The former world No. 1 also admitted his mentality may not be the best one: "In terms of being a pain, that's obviously irritating to work with and I would find that annoying as well if I was coaching.

I would want to just say 'Shut up!' But it's something that I have struggled to change over the years. On the other side I do try and do everything that they tell me and I ask tonnes of questions. So I don't know.

Like would you rather have someone being a pest on the court but fighting for every point and working as hard as they can, or someone who is not trying hard and not doing what they're saying? It sounds like nothing but at the beginning you can't put your shoes and socks on yourself.

So I was literally having to sit in a chair and try to touch the ground. At the beginning I was like 'f***!' Then you come back and then you go over a little bit and it's like 'Aarrgh!' Every single day you chip away and you go a millimetre, or a centimetre further, and eventually over time you get there."