Andy Murray to open up on hip injury in new documentary

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Andy Murray to open up on hip injury in new documentary

Andy Murray has launched a new documentary where he will open up on the hip injury he suffered over the last years. 'Andy Murray: Resurfacing' will be shown on Amazon Prime Video from November 29. “I knew I was at a critical point in my career", admitted the three-time Major winner in a statement.

"At times it felt like I was letting people down by not being able to perform on court, and I wanted to give them an insight into what I was going through. I wanted to show the ups and downs of professional sport. The film will take you on a journey through what were some of the lowest, most difficult periods of my life both physically and mentally, and will hopefully show and inspire viewers, that with the right mindset and work ethic, anything is possible."

Murray's season has not finished yet as he will also play the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. He has won his first title in more than two years at the Antwerp's European Open earlier this month. Meanwhile the Russian former player Mikhail Youzhny commented on the rules overall in tennis and especially the new ones being introduced at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan.

'Tennis needs to be more dynamic', the ten-time ATP singles winner title said. 'There used to be no tiebreaks in tennis -- people seem to have forgotten this. Now, when discussing switching to best of 3, they are like, 'Oh no, how are we supposed to play best of 3?'

Well, same way we got used to playing tiebreaks." When the rules were changed in doubles -- with no Ad score and match TB -- a lot of people were saying, 'No! We are killing doubles!' But turned out it's still interesting to watch and nobody suffered because of this -- the best doubles teams are still the best."