Wife shares when she told Andy Murray to retire from tennis

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Wife shares when she told Andy Murray to retire from tennis

Speaking on a TV Documentary, Andy Murray's wife Kim recalled when he told her husband last year in December to retire from the professional tour due to a hip injury. Murray would announce his likely retirement in January earlier this year but then came back to the competition on a high note in June.

"It was pretty bleak", admitted Kim. "He always wanted someone to tell him to stop. In reality, it’s not our place to tell him to stop. But I knew that’s what he wanted and that’s why he was calling me.

So I just told him ‘You are not happy, you said you would give it to Christmas.’ I was putting the Christmas tree up at home. ‘Just call it a day.’” Murray released a video following his 2018 Washington match win over Marius Copil: “My body hurts a lot.

I was really emotional at the end of the match because I feel like this is the end. My mind doesn’t want to push through the pain barrier anymore. I was just hoping I would feel better than this after 16-17 months. I really want to keep going.

But my body is telling me ‘no.’” “When I was competing I would get really bad breathing problems", Murray continued. "My feeling towards tennis is that it’s an escape in some ways because all these things are stuff I’ve bottled up.

These are not things that are discussed. Tennis allows me to be that child, that has all of these questions, and that’s why tennis is important to me”.